Enlightenment is just at the top of the hill ...

It has happened so many times, you ought to know the drill by now. On a hike in hill country, you make slow and steady progress upward, with the top of the hill in sight—or so you think. You finally reach the spot toward which you aimed. Low and behold, the hill stretches further up. You take a breather and set off again, reaching for the next "top." You repeat the exercise several times. As often as not, when you finally reach what you think is the "real" top, the mist comes down and you can't see very far at all. You wait in expectation for the vista to be revealed. A slight break in the cloud, a brief glimpse, then mist again. You wait awhile, getting colder as the mist seems to sink deep under your skin. You turn for home, the walk down easier than the walk up. There will be another day, another hill, another adventure. The memories linger. You are always drawn back, always drawn upward.
Such is enlightenment.
Be well all,
+Ab. Andy